Continuous investment ensures Morris Engineering is equipped with a wide range CNC machinery.


  •  Multi Axis Turn Mill
  •  Conventional CNC Turning
  •  Mill incl. 4th + 5th axis and pallet change
  •  Wire Erosion
  •  Spark Erosion

With constant investment in the latest technology our plant machinery is ever developing, please see plant list for the latest.

CNC Wire and Spark Erosion

EDM and Wire Eroding adds further diversity to Morris Engineering’s capabilities. Wire and Spark Erosion allows us to manufacture components that cannot be produced easily on conventional machinery whilst maintaining a very high level of accuracy and consistency which is key to meeting our customers’ needs and expectations.

Solid Model to Edge Cam

SolidWorks software can import a variety of solid models and files including IGES, STEP, SAT, DWG and DXF received via email, FTP or on disc. SolidWorks links seamlessly to Edgecam so that a solid model can be used to generate a CNC machining program. From the solid models we can also design tooling, fixturisation, produce drawings and simulation.

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