Precision is integral for all our customers, especially Aerospace where clients require agile support due to the constant advancement of technology to which we are very proud to successfully support.

With ever increasing evolution within healthcare our customers quite rightly demand an innovative operation to support them. We work with a large number of organisations within the Medical and Pharmaceutical sectors including global providers, corporations and consult where appropriate on project improvement.

We are delighted to be partnering with a multitude of dynamic electronics companies. Developing and delivering metalwork solutions within the fast-paced, global electronics market.

With approximately 200 food processing companies in the UK alone, this is one of our busiest sectors. Understanding that supply chains are at risk, our assemblies and components are designed, where required, and delivered within strict self imposed time scales.

A considerable amount of our service is customer consultation, we invest heavily in research and development. From unit cost reduction to material trial and analysis as well as associated techniques in machining. For us it is a simple process of knowledge gathering in order to develop and grow the value of our services.

We have been working within this sector since the company was formed. Over that time we have forged strong links and developed long lasting relationships as well as working closely with new to market organisations. This sector has evolved with new industry demands. Therefore we have obtained all the relevant quality standards to give our customers the peace of mind to surpass expectations.

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